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This is an extract from the transcription by Brigadier F R L Goadby taken from the Oxfordshire Family History Society fiche of Cogges Parish Registers.

Transcribed and Typed by Brigadier F R L Goadby.
Standlake 1974

The spelling in the Registers was Cogs or more usually Coggs until the incumbency of Rev James Bandinel (1856 – 62) since when it is generally spelt Cogges.

The church dates from the 12th century and was granted in 1103 to the Abbey of Fecamp in Normandy, with land on which to build a small Priory. This grant was revoked by the Crown during wars with France and in 1441 the living was given to Eton College. The advowson was bought by Dr James Payne (Vicar 1873 – 84) and in 1909 his cousin Rev E J U Payne who succeeded him conveyed it to trustees whose descendants are the present patrons.

Extant registers start in 1653. There is no trace of previous records.

Registers have been legibly kept but only entered spasmodically several years at a time until 1812 – presumably from rough books now lost. There were omissions in 1757 and again 1786/7 which have been completed from Bishop’s Transcripts: these are continuous from 1756 to 1865.

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