Churchwardens of Cogges
during the 18th Century
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This list is made from entries by Brigadier Goadby taken from the Oxfordshire Family History Society fiche of Cogges Parish Registers.

Recorded in Bishops Transcripts.

 Date  Churchwarden  Churchwarden  Notes
 1721  Henry Franklin  Wm Constable  
 1722/26  Henry Franklin  John Ring  
 1727  Tho Kearse  John Ring  
 1729  Henry Townsend  John Ring  
 1736  Tho Beckinsale  John Kearse  
 1741  Will Brooks  John Kearse  
 1742  James Hughes  ?  
 1748/49  John Whitlock  Wm Castle  
 1750  John Godfrey  Edw Hollis  
 1754  T Linsey  Wm Hanks  
 1755/57  John Godfrey  Wm Hanks  
 1759  John Sparrow  Wm Hanks  
 1760  Edward Harris  Wm Hanks  
 1761/65  John Kearse  John Piercy  
 1766  Will Brooks  John Piercy  
 1767  Joseph Lardner  John Piercey  
 1768  John Hollis  ?  
 1769  John Hollis  Jos Lardner  
 1770  John Hollis  Thos Jones  
 1772  Tho Lindsey  ?  
 1773  Tho Lindsey  Wm Hanks  
 1774/75  Richard Simmons  Wm Hanks  
 1776/78  John Hollis  Wm Hanks  
 1779  Rich Simmons  Wm Hanks  R Simmons, buried Feb 1780
 1781  (One dead)  Wm Hanks  
 1782  John Whitlock  ?  
 1783/87  John Whitlock  Thos Lindsey  
 1788/90  W Luckett  John Hollis  
 1792/93  Thos Lindsey  Thos Phipps  
 1794  Thos Dolley  Thos Phipps  
 1795/98  Thos Dolley  John Brooks  
 1799/1800  Wm Whitlock  John Brooks  
 1801/02  James Turner  John Brooks  
 1803  James Shaylor  John Brooks  
 1804/07  James Shaylor  Thos Lindsey  
 1808/09  James Shaylor  James Turner  

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