New Wine

UNITED 2017 July 30th - August 5th 2017 (Week 2)

New Wine 2016

“Uniting thousands to worship one”

Have you considered coming to the New Wine Summer Conference this year? Many people from Cogges have been to United and found it a fantastic week of worship, teaching, ministry and fun. The Children’s and Youth work are excellent, the weather is glorious (sometimes) and the opportunities to meet with God are amazing. There is a wide and varied programme of worship times, seminars and afterhours entertainment.

Every year we sit out under the stars and say “wouldn’t it be great if more of our church family could come .….” so please consider joining us!

Any questions, doubts or concerns please get in touch via the office.

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Cogges People

Paul and Judith Ledden


Paul and Judith have attended parenting and marriage courses and found them invaluable for their own marriage and family life. Their hope is to see marriages and family life relationships strengthened through these courses. They have 2 wonderful teenagers!


Paul is involved with...

  • The Marriage Course
  • The Marriage Preparation Course
  • Marriage by Design
  • The Parenting Children Course
  • Parenting Teenagers Course
  • New Wine
Paul and Judith Ledden 07706 250 260